About our cookies and the control you have

Cookies on Radioplayer web consoles

How Radioplayer uses cookies

Cookies are small files which websites use to enhance the experience they offer their users. At Radioplayer, we use cookies to offer you simple personalisation features which enhance your radio listening experience and help you discover more radio.

What do our cookies do?

The cookies we set allow us to make our web player more useful. For example, we remember your current volume level, the stations you’ve listened to recently and your favourite stations. We also set cookies to help ensure some of the advanced features including statistical analysis, work smoothly no matter what browser or device you use.

Do you store personal information in cookies?

We only store basic numeric identifiers in cookies which act as markers so we can recognise your device each time you use a Radioplayer web player. We don’t store IP addresses, locations or anything in a cookie which could be directly used to identify you.

Who else sets cookies when I use Radioplayer?

We collect anonymised, aggregated web statistics to help us understand which features our users enjoy the most and how often people listen to the radio with Radioplayer. As well as our own collection, Google Analytics collects this data on our behalf as well. The cookies Google Analytics uses are named _ga, _utma, _utma, _utmc, _utmv and _utmz. Click here for more information about the data Google Analytics collects.

Often, individual radio stations will set cookies when you use Radioplayer. Those cookies are outside of our control you should check station privacy policies to understand how stations collect personal data and use cookies.

Links to some of the main broadcasters can be found here: BBC, Global Radio (Capital, Classic FM, Radio X, Heart, Smooth), Bauer (Magic, Kiss, Absolute Radio)

How can I stop all of these cookies and what happens if I do?

It’s always your choice about whether to accept or block cookies. If you want to stop cookies from Google Analytics and or particular radio stations, you should follow the links above. For Radioplayer, you can re-configure your browser to block cookies from cookie.radioplayer.co.uk. If you do block our cookies, you will still be able to listen to the radio, but we won’t be able to bring you all the advanced features such as favouriting and recommendations. Take a look at www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org for some good advice on what you need to do.

Cookies on Radioplayer web consoles

We want you to be clear about the data we currently hold about your Radioplayer usage on this browser/device. Below is a list of the currently set cookies and what they do. You are in control – you can use the tool at the bottom of the page to revoke consent if you wish.

What happens if I block Radioplayer cookies?

Radioplayer is able to operate in a very reduced mode when cookies are disabled. You’ll still be able to listen to the radio, view recommendations and search for stations but you won’t be able to save stations to your My Stations list, nor see your listening history.

Cookie Name Why do we use it? Your current value
accepted-cookie-consent A marker to determine if you have consented to Radioplayer using your cookies
announcement A marker to ensure you only see any Radioplayer announcements once per session.
guid Unique identifiers set for each unique browser to allow for aggregated analysis
interstitial A marker to ensure you only see any radio-station provided advertising once per session
lastplayed Contains a number which relates to the last station a listener listened to.
listeninghistory Contains a list of the radio stations you’ve listened to, so we can show it in your Recents list.
preferences A cookie which stores whether a user has seen certain one-time messages in the console
presets A list of radio stations that you’ve added to your My Stations (favourites)
primed Allows Radioplayer to work well on Safari on iOS devices
rpsde_client_id Used for analytics to ensure that we correctly recognise your device each time you use Radioplayer.
seencookieanno Determines whether you have been shown the message describing how cookies are used to store station favourites.
stationlistprefix Helps make the A-Z station list work well by storing the last letter viewed
volume Remembers your last volume level value so you don’t have to keep changing it