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A world first for Radioplayer

A quick post about some news that’s being announced today. A couple of months ago, we learned that LG were launching a smartphone with DAB/DAB+ inside. It’s called the LG Stylus 2, and it’s been kept Top Secret until a launch event this afternoon. 

It's a nice mid-range Android phone, with a very sensitive and efficient DAB receiver inside (it uses the headphones as the antenna). So we decided to try a quick tactical experiment, to build the world’s first 'hybrid' Radioplayer app. 

The app is effectively an upgrade of the existing (and very successful) Radioplayer app for Android phones. When installed on an LG Stylus 2, it automatically switches between DAB/DAB+ and streaming, depending on the quality of the signal. This is similar to how a 'hybrid' car switches automatically between the petrol engine and the electric engine, based on the journey conditions. 

This is a true hybrid radio experience on a smartphone, for the first time in the world. When on DAB, our tests show that playback of a given station is 5 times more battery-efficient than streaming the same station (battery life is a big issue for smartphone owners). And, of course, it’s free-to-air so it doesn’t eat into your data plan. 

LG are so keen on the hybrid Radioplayer app we’ve built, that they’ve agreed to automatically install it on all handsets sold in the UK on the O2 network (that’s their launch network). This means there’ll be a Radioplayer app icon front-and-centre on all new phones as soon as they’re activated.

Below is a link to a video demo of the hybrid app in action, and here’s where you can download the press release if you want more information.


Posted on 14 March 2016 - 11:24am