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Talking about Radioplayer

Here at RadioplayerHQ we’ve been getting really excited about our launch next week. And what’s nice too is that other people both in the UK and beyond have been talking about Radioplayer too. 

See Nik Goodman’s blog from the Radiodays Festival in Copenhagen last week. “Radioplayer… will see online listening becoming easier for consumers, and hopefully increase its share of digital listening” said Nik Goodman after watching Global’s Nick Piggott deliver a presentation on Radioplayer.

Earlier this month Matt Deegan talked sense about Radioplayer on his blog. “It’s the most normal thing in the world to use,” said Matt Deegan, who’s been developing Radioplayer consoles for individual stations, “[it’s] crazy to think it’s taken us in radio so long to get there.” Keep listening! RPHQ

Posted on 25 March 2011 - 5:26pm