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Want to say congrats on your website. Never heard of you until my local station was added. A message from one of the 5.7m recent adopters of Radioplayer as a simple, consistent way of listening to the best of UK Radio on your computer. But we’re often asked – how are we going to get the message out to people who haven’t discovered it yet? That was one of the many questions posed on this week’s ‘Radiotalk’ podcast, hosted by Trevor Dann.  The answer is, through a mixture of well-targeted digital campaigns, promotion across our member stations, clever links and widgets on third-party websites, and  – the best marketing tool of all - word of mouth. Here’s an example of the first of those – our online launch campaign, shown as a series of banner 'frames' .

Radioplayer banner sequence


Radioplayer banner sequence

It ran on a range of news and entertainment sites including The Guardian, Metro, MSN, Yahoo, Channel 4, YouTube, and MTV. A simple sequence of messages, resolving in a ‘now playing’ panel, which the user clicked to ‘pop’ that station’s Radioplayer. This reached an estimated 9 million potential users across a 5-week period. 

We’re moving into a period where the second item in that list becomes important – promotion across our member stations. There are now more than 250 which have invested in joining Radioplayer, and they’ll each want to get the message to their audiences about how they can enjoy listening not only in the kitchen or in the car, but also while they’re on their computer.

There have been some notable examples of great Radioplayer promotion so far, from Absolute Radio, the BBC (who are currently running a month-long campaign across all their stations), and Smooth Radio, who kindly helped us make a series of trails which can be run by any Radioplayer station across the UK. Here’s a selection of those – and we’d love to hear any other great examples of radio stations explaining Radioplayer to their listeners.

Posted on 14 June 2011 - 3:30pm