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If you're a station that doesn't need to generate income - lucky you! For all the rest, you may be wondering how you can monetise your online listeners without needing a degree in Computer Science to build clever widgets.

Well, we've done a lot of the hard work on this already. Built into the new Radioplayer console there's a suite of commercial features you can control yourself. Some are dead easy, some require a bit of configuration.

So, here are four ways you could be monetising your online listeners using Radioplayer.

1. Join an in-stream service* like AdsWizz or Triton. They insert targeted ads into your stream, sometimes with synchronised visuals. We've done the work to integrate the front-end bits into the Radioplayer console for both systems (so you'll just need to make any server alterations they require). Stations already using AdsWizz in their Radioplayer consoles include Absolute Radio, and those using Triton-enabled versions include Jack Oxford.

2. Switch on 'click-to-buy' in your Radioplayer. It'll automatically take the 'now playing' track data you send us, and insert a 'buy' button in your console. When a user clicks it, it'll open the music affiliate site of your choice, and offer the track for purchase. An example of a station already using this feature is Fun Kids.

3. Sell a 'Radioplayer takeover' campaign, which displays an ad before your Radioplayer loads. It's a console-sized web window, containing anything from images and text to video, audio, Flash, or a quiz. You can switch on this feature very easily, and it can also be networked - with one piece of creative sold across dozens of stations. Here it is being tested by Radio Essex, showing a Radioplayer ad.

4. Set up a 'Radioplayer overlay' to display automatically over the 'plugin space' at the bottom of your console. This can load at the start of a session, or you can make it appear any time. Again, the content can be anything - either silent (with your stream still playing), or with audio (in which case your stream will temporarily mute).

Four ways you can generate cash using your Radioplayer console. We're here to help, so please get in touch if you need guidance on setting these up.

*Radioplayer doesn't endorse or favour these particular in-stream systems - they're just the only ones stations have asked for. Let us know if there are others we should investigate.

Photo from Flickr cc Paul Townsend

Posted on 2 May 2014 - 9:39am