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How to succeed in Radioplayer

We haven’t yet had time to analyse the stats from the first week of Radioplayer, but here are some quick notes based on anecdotal feedback, and the top-level numbers we’re seeing.

Most importantly, all the groups I’ve talked to have seen an uplift in their own streaming stats.  This is great – but it got me thinking about the factors that will dictate success in Radioplayer.

There’s no doubt we’re in a long game here.  The numbers won’t double overnight – and arguably we’re not looking for that kind of seismic shift. We want people to grow their listening organically - not because we’ve forced them to change their behaviour, but because they now find online listening easy and attractive, due to the subtle changes we’ve made.

The Radioplayer search engine has attracted a lot of interest from within the radio industry – but my gut instinct is that users will take a while to discover it. Searching will probably remain a ‘minority sport’ for a while, with less than 10% of people using the search box.

So what is helping listening increase? What should stations be concentrating on, to boost their Radioplayer popularity? The slightly dull answer to this is – get the basics right.

  • Talk about your Radioplayer on air. Embrace it, explain it to your listeners.
  • Stress how simple it is. Don’t underestimate this – people are nervous online.
  • Make it easy for them to find it on your site, with big obvious ‘Listen’ links.
  • Make your Radioplayer console simple, attractive, and useful.
  • Encourage listeners to click ‘My Stations’, and add you as a preset.

This last point is crucial – if they’ve saved your station, they can hover over your logo any time, to check what’s on. Then you’re always one click away from a returning listener.

That’s what will build listening hours and user satisfaction over coming months – the ‘stickiness’ of the Radioplayer network as a whole. This will increase gradually, as people store the favourite stations, get used to Radioplayer’s simplicity, and hear you embracing it on-air and on your sites.

Posted on 9 April 2011 - 3:49pm