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Helping with Hybrid


Radioplayer’s not just about apps, web players, and streaming – we’re on a mission to help keep radio simple, on anything that’s connected to the internet. That includes a growing number of ‘hybrid radios’.

Just as a hybrid car combines the advantages of a petrol and an electric engine, a hybrid radio combines what’s great about broadcast radio (FM, DAB etc) with the power of the internet. It means a radio in a kitchen or a car can be receiving a station via its aerial, at the same time as it displays logos and other information on its screen – via an internet connection.

There are open international standards for this kind of radio, co-ordinated by a brilliant group called RadioDNS. They’re helping broadcasters and radio manufacturers develop hybrid radio – and Radioplayer’s working with them to support this.

Today, we’re announcing some work we’ve been doing recently to help our member stations look great on these hybrid radios. You can read more in our press release.   

Posted on 20 July 2015 - 11:31am