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Radioplayer is all about making radio listening easier and more enjoyable. And if we work on this together, across our small industry, we’ll hopefully make it more consistent, too.

But collaboration doesn’t just help to achieve consistency. It’s actually the most effective way of working. ‘We are humans because we are able to co-operate’ says Howard Rheingold, an expert on collaborative innovation. Here he is, speaking to the ‘Spark’ programme on CBC Radio, about the value of working together.  

We love getting brilliant people together in a room, to help us make Radioplayer better. So we’re going to run another ‘hack’ event – this time aimed at improving our new mobile apps - available on iPhones, Android, and Kindle Fire (just search ‘radioplayer’ in the Amazon Kindle store). 

We’ve deliberately built a ‘blank canvas’ into our apps, to encourage innovation and competition. Once a user chooses a station and it starts playing, that station is able to display whatever they want, via a ‘web-view’. Into that blank canvas, stations can push images, videos, text, tweets, adverts – the sky’s the limit. And it’s really easy to do, as it’s basically a web page - so we can experiment, share ideas, and help all our stations improve. 

Some are already using it to great effect – here’s a selection of the best examples from Capital, Absolute, Juice Brighton, and Smooth. But what would YOU like to see in this space? If you work at one of our 350 member stations, look out for emails about how to get involved, and innovate in your own web-view.

And if you just want to chuck a great idea into the collaborative pot, you can always drop us a line at

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Posted on 10 January 2013 - 1:15pm