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Education and syndication

A quick post to point out two relatively subtle, but significant, features we’ve launched today. These may be mostly of interest to developers.

We wanted to offer first-time users of Radioplayer a quick guide to its main features. This is in response to questions from users about how to save their favourites in ‘My Stations’, and how to use the main controls. So from today, if you click ‘listen’ on our website, and we detect that you haven’t listened to a Radioplayer station yet, you get a short video tour, delivered in a specially adapted Radioplayer console. If we think you have visited Radioplayer before, the player opens at the last station you listened to – just like a radio. You can preview the video tour using the button below (whether you've visited before or not).

And we’ve been getting questions from websites and radio stations about how best to link to Radioplayer. So we’ve built a neat little ‘button generator’, which  creates a button that pops the correctly-sized window for Radioplayer. You can choose whether the button should launch a specific station, or act like a radio (opening at the station the user last played, or the video introduction if it’s their first visit). This is the start of our plans to spread radio across the web, and make it easier to 'stumble across' great programmes and stations. You can find it here. Both these features have been built by the folks at Folder Media, but are very much the product of the collaborative development style we’re adopting at Radioplayer. Here’s a short fly-on-the-wall video of a collaborative workshop we organised recently, attended by 25 developers and designers from across the radio industry. There are more to come – stay tuned.

Posted on 27 July 2011 - 2:15pm