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Community spirit

There have been several articles over the past few days about the strengths and problems of community radio.

Though not without its own issues, community radio offers a strong proposition for both advertisers and listeners; with niche content, rich in localness and personality.

There is a broad range of community radio stations in this country, many of which are now becoming interested in Radioplayer. Just today TCR FM launched a neat sponsored console, with a fantastic contact box, as well as detailed user-friendly playlist information.

In fact, simply carrying out a quick search for community stations on Radioplayer shows the diverse range of community stations already signed up.

Cross Rhythms City Radio is a great example of what a small community radio station can do using very little resource. With latest track information, artist profile, song rating, web-cam capability, studio contacts and social networking links, it’s packed full of great features.

But the functionality that has been implemented best is the “Listen Again” tab. Although it’s slightly hidden on the console, when clicked it takes users to an alphabetised list of previously aired shows with a short synopsis of each broadcast, making finding the content you want easy.

BCB in Bradford is another flagship community. The console is clear, bright and distinctive with all interaction directing the user straight to the BCB website where there’s a blog, a collection of podcasts and multiple social networking links.

Community radio consoles


We’re starting at a relatively small base, but the number of community stations is rapidly growing on Radioplayer and more are joining every month. Now with over 300 stations, the majority of broadcasters joining Radioplayer are community stations.

Radioplayer helps create a level playing field. By launching consoles, community stations are strengthening their position, growing audiences and ensuring that they are only one click away from some of the largest broadcasters in the UK.

We’re keen for as many community stations to join as possible. The Radioplayer team is able to assist stations in setting up their metadata and if needed even build specific consoles.

If you’re involved in community radio and interested in joining Radioplayer, please use the Contact tab to get in touch.

Posted on 5 December 2011 - 4:54pm