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Appy days

It’s been a big day for Radioplayer. We’ve just hit the 300-station mark, and launched two new apps.

300 is a milestone because it’s roughly double the number of stations we launched with in the Spring. But more importantly, the last few months have seen dozens of commercial, student, community, and hospital stations using the simple ‘DIY’ tool-kit we developed. And we’ve run a successful series of ‘surgeries’ to help them create their own bespoke consoles.

‘Splash FM’, which became our 300th station today, is a great example of a relatively small commercial radio group seeing the advantages of joining Radioplayer. It’s a ‘level playing-field’, which puts them one click away from the biggest stations in the UK, and millions of potential listeners.

It also enables them to take advantage of the innovative development we’re doing on behalf of the whole industry. Our new apps are good examples of this. They’re designed to capitalise on the fact that we now have hundreds of stations and thousands of programmes in a common interface, by putting radio right under people’s noses.

The first, based on ‘Adobe AIR’, installs a radio in your PC, Mac or Linux computer and puts an icon in your ‘Start’ menu. The app launches Radioplayer with just one click, even without a browser open. It behaves exactly like a radio, opening at the last station you listened to. It was built by a clever developer in Cornwall, called Robin Wilding.

The second app puts a Radioplayer button prominently at the top of Google’s popular ‘Chrome’ browser, just one click away. That was the brainchild of 'radio futurologist' James Cridland. Both these new apps join the existing Radioplayer Facebook app (made by the folks at Folder Media) on our new apps page. Download them and give them a go – and watch out for more stations, and more innovation, over the coming months.

Posted on 15 November 2011 - 4:22pm