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Appy birth day

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We've been pacing up and down the hospital corridor for the last few days, waiting to unveil our new-born Radioplayer apps to the world. Like parenthood, building an app is one of those experiences which you can only guess at, unless you've been through it yourself.  

As users of apps, we're spoilt for choice. In a few short years, the app stores have filled up with incredibly powerful software, much of it free. We swipe laconically through the categories, making instant decisions based on a few ratings and some screenshots. And when we do choose to give an app precious space on our home-screen, we open it expectantly, and most of us dismiss it within 20 seconds. Underwhelmed? Uninstall.  

So that was all in the back of our mind, as we designed and developed our precious offering. Fortunately, Radioplayer exists to showcase the most creative radio industry in the world, so we've got great radio content. Our partners include the BBC, Global Radio, Bauer Radio, and RadioCentre, so we have a huge amount of experience to draw on. And we're lucky enough to work with top digital design and development companies like All In Media, Unique Interactive, and Codegent.  

Ultimately, you'll judge our new Radioplayer app as you do all apps. Have a play (ideally for a little longer than 20 seconds), and you should find yourself discovering new stations that you've never heard before. If you like what we've built, please consider leaving a review in the app store. But if you do find yourself hitting 'uninstall', drop us a line using the contact page on the Radioplayer website, and it'll help make our apps better next time.  

You can get the free Radioplayer app for iPhone and iPad here. The version for Android phones and tablets is here. Kindle users can find it here. And for Windows Phone, it's here.  

And if you want to find out more about the new app, here's our press release.            

Posted on 10 July 2014 - 4:56pm