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Apple CarPlay

The dashboard is changing. If you buy a new car over the next few years, it’s likely the dealer will ask you what sort of phone you have, as well as what paint colour you’d like. 

That’s because in many cars you’ll be able to plug in your Android or Apple phone. The car will charge it as you drive, but also allow you to use Maps, Messaging, and Music functions. You’ll be able to control them safely via the buttons on your steering wheel, and on a big touchscreen built in to the car. 

Beyond those core phone features, other selected apps can also be used – provided they’ve been properly integrated, and approved. We’re proud to say that Radioplayer is the first radio app in the UK to be allowed on the new Apple CarPlay platform. More than 40 global car manufacturers have committed to building this platform in to their dashboards – you can find out more on Apple’s website. 

There’s a press release here if you want more information, and below is a short video demo of Radioplayer working in Apple CarPlay in a vehicle.


Posted on 2 April 2015 - 12:11pm