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5 years ago today

On this day 5 years ago at the 2010 Radio Festival in Manchester, I took a deep breath, and gave the first live Radioplayer demo. That alpha version showed favouriting, search, and a common interface across 5 stations. Here's a blog post from the BBC website, written at the time. 

Today, those first 5 stations have become several thousand, across 6 countries. We're on our 4th iteration of that web player, we have apps for all major devices, we're in wearables, connected cars, and we're about to launch the world's first truly hybrid radio system. 

None of this would have been possible without the belief and goodwill of the radio industry. 'Agree on technology, compete on content' was just a convenient phrase to define our experimental project at the start. But I believe this partnership has grown into something of substance, value, and potential. I wonder what incredible collaborative innovation we'll be demonstrating, 5 years from now? 

Great credit and gratitude are due to all Radioplayer supporters - the hundreds of stations which have joined us, and particularly our shareholders, the BBC, Global, Bauer, and Radiocentre. They're all investing in the future of our industry, because they believe that together, we're stronger. 


Posted on 19 October 2015 - 9:09pm